Down for Maintenance (Err 3)


We at VA Hosting Services Inc, Are currently going into a stage “Maintenance Mode” to updated our Virtual Airline web hosting services and prices, The update process will take somewhat between 1 to 2 hours max. However this may take a bit longer as per we are currently updating our Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service, Opening Times.

We are also adding the bundle option of Voice Servers - TS3 Only, These bundles will only be available at discounted if you have purchased either a monthly subscription for our VA hosting services. The bundles start from as (Example: 10 Slots, Can Set your Voice Server name, Cannot change the slots amount without upgrading, Cam choose upto 4 Locations from EXAMPLE Price: $14.95) how ever the price show is an example price and not the real price for the services, The Voice Services – TS3 Only, The Voice servers are monthly subscriptions. We will explain the subscription side in our terms of service.

We do appreciate your Virtual Airline and the extensive of running your Virtual Airline, Which is why we haven’t brought down our whole network. If we transferred your VA Hosting from another provider please take note this may take 10 to 24 hours to propagate to the new server, And only then you should change your nameservers when the hand over is completed, Other web hosting companies cannot stop you from leaving them.

Thank You,
Your patience is highly appreciated.